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08/08/06 BACK. SOON. SERIOUSLY. Email Igor
Hey guess what.  DBB is coming back.  No joke.  Soon.  I am blowing it up ASAP.  Just wait.  I am going to blog my ass off.

10/17/05 DBB IS DEAD! LONG LIVE DBB! Email Igor
I average 150 people a day still.  I haven't done anything real in like 2 years, but yet you keep coming.  There is some loyalty there that I do not understand.  So for you loyal DBB fans (and the people who got tricked into coming here) I have to tell you something.  Driven By Boredom is dead.  BUT! Joy! I have a blog site, a real one, not like this page (I don't think the word blog existed when I started this site.  Hell, I am a god damn pioneer).  Anyway.  As soon as I get a design up for the new page, it will become t this page.  That being said, there will still be away to get to this page.. or at least most of it.  So yeah, that is that.  Enjoy the new site.


8/20/05 - OH JOY! AN UPDATE! Email Igor
So it doesn't really seem like I am updating this page anymore does it?  It's been exactly 6 months.  I don't really think a biannual update system is going to work very well.  I sort of want to shut this whole page down and do something totally different with it.  Which I still may do.  I deleted a bunch of stuff off of it, so there are a ton more dead links that normal.  Sorry.  Some people just don't appreciate being mocked on the internet anymore.  I am also selling a bunch of my domains.  So if you are interested in that kinda think go to and pretty much anything with a dead link is for sale.  Also is for sale too, but I left the page up.  

I am working on two photo pages.  One will just be party pictures, pretty standard issue photo blog.  The other is going to be my photo portfolio, because currently is slacking.  I haven't updated it in ages.  What I am updating more regularly is my Dolphins website, so if you like football you might want to check that out.  It has it's on domain now...  

Um, Gaskets (check out the photo I took of them for the website).  We are almost done with the album.  The next update will probably be about how you can get a hold of it.  It is pretty amazing.  I would say that at least 8 of the 12 tracks will rock the dance out of you.  You probably don't care, you are probably bitter that they take up all my creative energies these days.  I mean, they are really the downfall of this site.  

HST is about to get blasted out of a cannon as per last update.  I am excited. I moved.  I have a new place. It is hot.  It is still in Richmond, VA.  There is a girl I dig on, but we sort of hate each other too.  My friend Jamie's band Greenland is really good. I had a photo show in May, it went really well.  200 people or something. A friend of mine fell through a glass store front window yesterday, I ran out of this party and he was being loaded into an ambulance, his arm was practically in pieces.  It was one of the grossest things I have ever seen. I spelled idols wrong in my last update, it is fixed now.  Sorry. 

Help Wanted.  I have an idea for a screen play, anyone want to write it?  I am also looking for some one to book a Gaskets tour, any help there?  I am also looking for a tattoo artist with in 2 hours of Richmond who will do a few hours of work for a video we are working on.  Also I need a job in Richmond, preferably taking photos, but at this point I'll do anything.  I will also move the fuck out of here if you have a job that will pay me a lot of money. Yeah. So like if you can do any of that stuff... contact me.

I'll probably update again in late November or early December, so hold your breath till then. XOXO. 

2/20/05 - Hunter S. Thompson Email Igor
One of my idols and favorite author, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson shot himself today.  In his memory I am updating my site for the first time in months, because he was always the person inspiring me to write.  I wrote this for Stile Project years ago.  It was a tribute to him, and I think you should read it if you haven't and read it again if you have.

I figured that nothing in this world could kill him and it only makes sense that the only thing strong enough to do it was him.  It devastates me that I will never get to meet him, that if his other books get made into movies, he will not have say over them, that I will never get to read something new by him.  However, I am extremely glad that he didn't die of cancer or some bullshit disease.  HST was a legend and he will be forever.  If you haven't read anything by him, take this as an excuse to do so, you won't regret it. RIP.

Now, as far as the web site goes.  DBB is more or less done for now.  That is not to say that I will not update again, but I will not be updating regularly.  I will add more content from time to time, but I would start checking my site maybe once a month or once every few months instead of weekly or daily or whatever.  I love this site and will keep it up for as long as I can afford to do so, however, I am just not interested in doing this site right now. 

As far as other projects, I am still doing a lot of photography and still managing the Gaskets.  I am one semester away from graduating and then I have no idea what I am doing.  I sold one page of my website, the old Icy Hot Stuntaz page, so I have moved it here.  I am single and I have been sick for 2 weeks.  I got a new car, a Blue 2004 GTI.  It is pretty.  I am going to Minnesota and probably Texas for spring break.  This is not very exciting.  I am writing a research paper on Blaxploitation film.  I want Jamie Foxx to win best actor, Clint Eastwood to win best director, and just to make it even, Sideways to win best picture.  I am insulted that Michel Gondry was not nominated for best director and that neither Kill Bill got nominated for best picture.  

Lastly, here is a little bit of content.  I made this movie in this bullshit film class I took.  It sucks, but I shot it on real film so I think its cool.  See you in a month or two.

9/25/04 - Hi Again Email Igor
Clearly I am useless, either that or way too busy to deal with this site.  I would say its a mixture of both.  

This is Aug.  And this is my Dolphins site.

Lets see.  Last night I made out with a girl in a broken down pick up truck in an alley.  That ruled.  I am also kinda sick, and my internet access sucks.  I shot like 20 rolls of film in the last week, and I might get some of that stuff up at some point... but I don't know if I really will. Listen to the band Sparks.  They are good.

The Gaskets are going to be playing at the 9:30 Club in DC on the 12th of October with Camper Van Beethoven.  It is DC's most important club and we are excited.

I got a parking ticket the other day when I was getting sushi.  That was not good.  

I clearly do not have a good update for you, so I am going to go.  

Oh yeah, check out the cover shot I did for Chew On This.

The End.

9/25/04 - Hi Again Email Igor
Clearly I am useless, either that or way too busy to deal with this site.  I would say its a mixture of both.  

This is Aug.  And this is my Dolphins site.

Lets see.  Last night I made out with a girl in a broken down pick up truck in an alley.  That ruled.  I am also kinda sick, and my internet access sucks.  I shot like 20 rolls of film in the last week, and I might get some of that stuff up at some point... but I don't know if I really will. Listen to the band Sparks.  They are good.

The Gaskets are going to be playing at the 9:30 Club in DC on the 12th of October with Camper Van Beethoven.  It is DC's most important club and we are excited.

I got a parking ticket the other day when I was getting sushi.  That was not good.  

I clearly do not have a good update for you, so I am going to go.  

Oh yeah, check out the cover shot I did for Chew On This.

The End.

9/16/04 - BRB Email Igor
Yikes.  I have been trying to update for 3 days but every night my internet goes down.  Tonight it is up, but I have to go work on the sketch of the layout of my new movie site, so I can bring it to a guy to start coding it tomorrow.  This thing is going to be big I think.  We are looking for reviewers in LA, Chicago, NYC and Austin who watch at least 5 movies a week, and at least 2 films a week in the theater.  We are really looking for film junkies who have some time to dedicate to the site, who know their shit and are involved in their local film scenes... People who are going to be able to see movies that the rest of the country can't.

Okay.. I gotta go, but I promise a better update Monday or Tuesday... this weekend is going to be nuts...  I'll archive Aug then.

8/31/04 - Photo Outtakes Email Igor
I work for this website called  It is basically an online newspaper for Richmond, VA.  I had a bunch of pretty good shots that haven't been published in articles, so I figured I would upload them so the people in the shots could see their photos.  So yeah.  Check out the outtakes.

Also, I uploaded some photos that I took in Coney Island.  I think they are pretty decent, so check them out.

Coney Island

Recently, I got some mice.  They are cool.  The brown one is named Werner after Werner Herzog (Fitzcaraldo, Aguirre, Wrath of God).  The black one is named John after John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray).  The white one is named Penelope after Penelope Spheeris (Decline Of Western Civilization, Wayne's World) and the black and white one is named Miike after Takeshi Miike (Ichi The Killer, Dead Or Alive).  Miike has killed two other female mice.  He chased them around trying to have sex with them, and then they died.  Basically he raped them to death, which is appropriate because he is named after the best horror director in Japan.  Maybe I should have named him after Peckinpah, get it? Probably not. Anyway, here are the pictures: Mice 1 and Mice 2.

Lastly, a friend of an ex-friend started a alt-porn site.  She has yet to give me a password, so I don't know if its any good... but if I ever check it out, I'll let you know.  If you wanna see for yourself... Click Here.

8/12/04 - Video 2 Email Igor
Here is a video of me drinking syrup.  This may or may not have been filmed before I saw them do it in Super Troopers.  I have new photos for next update, but I'm guessing you don't care.  I know I don't.  Die. 


8/2/04 - Video Email Igor
I am going through some video I have and will be posting at least one other video this week.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day.  I will eventually go through a lot of video and get all that to you.  I have like 20 tapes of stuff.  It is defiantly a project I care enough about doing, so we will see.  I think it might be worth wile.  Anyway, this tape I found while looking for Gaskets footage. Last year their was a big hurricane that knocked all the power in Richmond out, except for my building.  So half the city came and partied in our building.  Anyway I video taped one of my neighbors doing a back flip off the wall.  It is worth looking at I think.  More stuff to come... I hope. Here's July. I also updated my Dolphins page.  You could check it out.  And um lastly, a friend of a friend is stuck in prison, you should check out some of the info, try to get an innocent man out of jail.  Rock on. 

Hurricane Back Flip

7/23/04 - Dead Email Igor
New video's coming very soon.  This site is dying.  I am sorry.  400 hits a day... that is down from 1200 a year ago.  It's all a cycle  I don't want to update cause no one comes, and no one comes cause I don't update.  Shit.  Maybe one day it will be back.  But for the faithful there will be some reasonably entertaining videos pretty soon as I have figured out how to make my camera work again.  In fact... here is this video of an untitled Gaskets song in the works.  David Lowery from Cracker is in the background playing guitar.  

Welcome To The 90's

7/15/04 - Yeah Email Igor
Wow, nearly a month without an update... and no complaints about it all.  I feel that means there are probably no people reading this.  Which I guess is fine.  I just don't have enough internet related things to say/post/show, or I just don't have the time/energy/anything to do it.  Pretty much the last month of my life has just been spent ripping my 800 or so CD's.  Not so exciting.  No Gaskets news, I have no job, and all I do is watch movies.  I'm not even getting any.  I have seen about 50 movies since the last update, and I am not exaggerating much.   I have been averaging 7-10 movies a week for the past 5 months.  Top 5 movies I have seen in the last month in no order:  Fahrenheit 9/11, Lawrence Of Arabia, Stranger Than Paradise, Two-Lane Black Top, Straw Dogs.  The worst movie I have ever seen I also watched recently.  It is called Drug Store Cowboy.  I is the worst portrait of drug addicts I have ever seen.  Complete fucking trash.  

Here is June.  Um yeah.  What else.  I have nothing to say at all.  Next update should have some photos from Coney Island.  I am also working on my Photography site, which will be done eventually.    I am working on an anti-Bush website with a number of people, but it may be a month before anyone sees that, if in fact it ever happens.  Hopefully soon something interesting will happen, and I will have something to report.  Until then, stay classy planet earth.  

6/22/04 - Back From Prague Email Igor
So yeah, I was in the Czech Republic for a while.  Now I am back.  A few interesting things happen, but nothing you would probably care about.  I might have a few pictures posted eventually, but maybe not.  There's a few shots I took that I like.  That being said, I have some photos that I am extremely psyched about. I spent quite a lot of time recruiting people and shooting this work, so please enjoy it.  I have some pretty amazing 16"x20" prints that I did for sale.  They are $300 framed, but it would cost a ton to ship them that way, so if you are interested email me and we will talk.  Yeah. Please let me know what you think.  This work means a lot to me.

Richmond Alleys

6/4/04 - Best. Update. Ever. Email Igor
So today I am actually following through with a promise about this website.  Well almost.  I promised two or one big one, and I am giving you one big one, but it does not have the recent photos.  I felt they are too important to me to put in the middle of this huge update where they could get lost.  Anyway, let's start at the top.

Porn.  My website has been very lacking in it.  Today you will get the few remaining naked chick fan signs I have left.  If you have boobs, and want to send me more, please do so, and I will post them.  Today's boobs come from a Suicide Girl, a former Suicide Girl and a wannabe Suicide Girl (and two others).  For the record, I have had sex with all the girls pictured except the girl with the giant boobs.  I win.  Fuck you. See them all here

Secondly, we have more Dysfunctional Family Circus cartoons.  I stopped doing these years ago because I saw other people doing them and I wanted to do something more original.  However, these have become favorites of my page, so I added some more.  You can see the old ones here.

Also, I had a shit load of pictures of my friends drunk at parties, so like I figured I would upload them, being as my friends enjoy seeing themselves wasted.  These are also the people who I hear from every day telling me my page sucks now.  I mean I get emails about this too, but like I don't really give a fuck about what most of you have to say.  So yeah.  Here are some party pics.

Another thing people used to like about my page was the stupid lip-sync videos I did. That's how I started the page to begin with, and although I thought it would only be funny to me and my associates, it was actually funny to quite a few people.  If you don't know what I am talking about, click here.  Today I bring you the first new movie in 3 years.  I recorded this video the day before I cut all my hair off.  Now I look like this.

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City

Remember my ebay pranks?  It's what made my page slightly infamous.  Today I am selling a Yo! MTV Raps card.  Check that out at once.  You know you want to.  You know you want to bid.  You MUST!  People tell me to update this part of my page all the time and I finally did.  Get excited!

So yeah, also I wanted to plug Arrogancy's Flash Game, Beeku's Big Adventure.  It has been played over 200k times on Newgrounds.  It also features two Gaskets songs, including the demo to Earthquake. We were in the studio yesterday and laid out the tracks for it.  It now features a crucial guitar solo from Mark from Lamb Of God.  Yeah.

Enjoy this update you bastards, I worked hard on it.  Oh yeah, one more thing:  I am going to be in Prague until the 19th, so if you want to reach me email me at igor(at)  I will be checking that from Prague.  

PS. Here is May.

5/31/04 - Fake Beards And You... Email Igor
For those of you who have been looking for more content and less crap from my site, today you are in luck.  My brother (with a bit of my help) created a fabulous film which I have decided to upload today.  It is about a world gone mad, a world where people have to wear fake beards at all times.  Certainly this seems stupid, but the movie is fantastic anyway.  It is also 48 megs, so it might take a long fucking time for it to download. 

Fake Beards & You: A Powerful Team

Also, I am working on a fantastic update that old school fans of my site will enjoy.  You see, I am going to Prague for about two weeks and won't be able to update.  So before I go I am going to try to get up two updates, or just one big one.  So check back soon, because there will be an update with some of my recent photos, and an update like my page has never seen before.  I hope it works out.  

Lastly, the Gaskets go into the studio with David Lowery tomorrow, so yeah, hope that works out too...

5/2704 - I'm Back... Email Igor

5/4/04 - NYC Girls Email Igor
So last weekend I went to NYC to see Stella.  The whole trip was pretty amazing.  Among other things I had a blast hanging out with Coney Island.  I need to get back to the city ASAP, but it's really expensive and my car broke so it's kinda hard to get there.  The point is, I need an excuse to get there.  So if any of you out there live in NYC and have any ideas for booking a Gaskets show there, let me know.  We need to get up there soon.  Anyway, when I was up there I hung out with this girl who I used to be sooo into.  Unfortunately, she got a boyfriend and moved to NYC, so I pretty much gave up on her.  I really figured I would never see her again... but I did.    So I had an amazing time with her (and the other people I was hanging out with) and I ended up kissing on her a bit...  It made me realize why I haven't had a girl friend in 3 years.  The thing is, I never hook up with girls I am actually into.  When I like a girl, I get all weird and can't talk to her.  It happens every time, but if I am not into a girl, I usually have no problem with getting with her.  I basically realized in the last three years, I have hooked up with plenty of girls, and I really haven't cared about any of them.  There are some exceptions, but there's only a few that I would have even considered dating.  This realization is pretty fucking depressing.  The truth is, of all the girls I have dated (all 5.5 of them) only one of them I really cared about when we started dating.  Because of this, I cheated on girls, and just didn't treat them well.  The one I did, cheated on me and treated me like shit.  It is really just a disaster.  I need a wife.  

Anyway, again, sorry about the lack of updates.  Soon I am going to have a bunch of new photos.  I've done a bunch of work I am really happy with.  Until then... here's April.

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