The Succulents were my band in high school.  They were fronted by this man, Jamie Green.  My boy Tom played guitar.  We had a few drummers, Keith, Marshall and finally Steve.  Personally I didn't do much.  I sang some, played the kazoo, the bongos, washboard, basically anything they would let me do.  We rocked, and hard.  Hopefully more music will turn up, but until then we only have 4 songs for your listening enjoyment.  Marshall played drums on all these recordings.  

01- High School Brats
This was about Jamie's spanish class in high school.  I sing the second verse, poorly.

02 - Vampire Chicks
Nothing is more pathetic than 4 guys who couldn't get any writing songs about wanting to make out with vampires.

03 - No Pot I Cry
The anti-drug song Jamie wrote before going to college and becoming a stoner.  Listen for my ocarina solo.

04 - Succo Set
This isn't even a real song, but I think Tom is singing in it.