Crazy Willy 

Hopefully this is just a temporary page.  I want to finish this album and include cover art and some interviews.  I don't know if that will ever happen, but until it does, enjoy 13 tracks of brilliance, care of this man.  Crazy Willy has more soul than anyone I have ever met, and he will certainly rock the fuck out of you. Despite this guy being named Crazy Willy, he is not a joke.  He will fuck you up like a car crash.  I love him and his music, I hope you will too. 

00 - Intro
This is just Willy getting set up and in the mood to rock you.

01 - Same Old Story 
One of many of the covers Willy does better than the original.

02 - Bad Dream
A short but amazing track from the master himself.

03 - Caught In A Trap
As a huge fan of Elvis, its hard to admit, but I think this is better than the original.

04 - Loving Her Was Easy
This song is amazing, it makes me want to cry. It's that good.

05 - Black Dog
Another Zeppelin tune that Willy rocks.

06 - Douche Bag Of Earl
A Willy original that comes at you like a heart attack, violent and suddenly. 

07 - Boss Your Ass
A spoken word track that takes you inside the mind of a genius. 

08 - Hound Dog 
Another Elvis classic that Willy tears into with passion.

09 - What That Woman's Been Doin' To Me
You don't even want to mess with this hard hitting track.

10 - Been A Long Time (Feat. Bobby Carroll)
Bobby Carroll rocks us hard with his harmonica and amazing voice. 

11 - Help Me, Baby (Feat. Bobby Carroll)
A second track featuring Bobby.  It's pretty fucking sweet. 

12 - Scott Ass Mothefucker
Willy berates a bagpiper and gets harassed by the pigs.