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     You have some how managed to stumble on AV art, the home of some of the best art in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.  This site is basically designed to host some of my friends, who don't have the time, money, and/or skills to host their own artwork.  Technically all the artists live in or are from Alexandria, VA or AV as we call it, although their are some exceptions.  It is surprising to see the talent that comes from a reasonably small area and my goal is to show people what is out there.  There will me much more art to come, so check back often. Click their names for the art.

Isaac Ashraf

Mixed Media

Adam Darrie

Hair Stylist

Marshall Hart Mixed Media

Latiffa Kerbal

Mixed Media

Abby Logsdon Collage
Andrew Lyons Mixed Media
Benny Pierra Graffiti
Nate Smith

Mixed Media


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