8/31/04 - Photo Outtakes Email Igor
I work for this website called Richmond.com.  It is basically an online newspaper for Richmond, VA.  I had a bunch of pretty good shots that haven't been published in articles, so I figured I would upload them so the people in the shots could see their photos.  So yeah.  Check out the outtakes.

Also, I uploaded some photos that I took in Coney Island.  I think they are pretty decent, so check them out.

Coney Island

Recently, I got some mice.  They are cool.  The brown one is named Werner after Werner Herzog (Fitzcaraldo, Aguirre, Wrath of God).  The black one is named John after John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray).  The white one is named Penelope after Penelope Spheeris (Decline Of Western Civilization, Wayne's World) and the black and white one is named Miike after Takeshi Miike (Ichi The Killer, Dead Or Alive).  Miike has killed two other female mice.  He chased them around trying to have sex with them, and then they died.  Basically he raped them to death, which is appropriate because he is named after the best horror director in Japan.  Maybe I should have named him after Peckinpah, get it? Probably not. Anyway, here are the pictures: Mice 1 and Mice 2.

Lastly, a friend of an ex-friend started a alt-porn site.  She has yet to give me a password, so I don't know if its any good... but if I ever check it out, I'll let you know.  If you wanna see for yourself... Click Here.

8/12/04 - Video 2 Email Igor
Here is a video of me drinking syrup.  This may or may not have been filmed before I saw them do it in Super Troopers.  I have new photos for next update, but I'm guessing you don't care.  I know I don't.  Die. 


8/2/04 - Video Email Igor
I am going through some video I have and will be posting at least one other video this week.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day.  I will eventually go through a lot of video and get all that to you.  I have like 20 tapes of stuff.  It is defiantly a project I care enough about doing, so we will see.  I think it might be worth wile.  Anyway, this tape I found while looking for Gaskets footage. Last year their was a big hurricane that knocked all the power in Richmond out, except for my building.  So half the city came and partied in our building.  Anyway I video taped one of my neighbors doing a back flip off the wall.  It is worth looking at I think.  More stuff to come... I hope. Here's July. I also updated my Dolphins page.  You could check it out.  And um lastly, a friend of a friend is stuck in prison, you should check out some of the info, try to get an innocent man out of jail.  Rock on. 

Hurricane Back Flip