Bored Network is the home for pages that don't have a home.   These are pages that haven't been made yet, so I have taken the time to make them.  They are stuff that doesn't really fit in with the rest of Driven By Boredom..  Check out the pages...

AV Art - This page was created to show some of Alexandria, VA's best artists.  I have a ton of friends who have amazing art that no one gets to see.  This is their forum.  So far their are only 4 artists, but there will be more artists and more art in the future.  Check out their amazing artwork.

Bling Bling! - The Official(?) home of the Icy Hot Stuntaz.  These Wiggas just don't know when to quit.  This page has everything you could want: fast cars, ugly jewelry and 15 year olds pretending to be black!!

Bored With Losing - My Miami Dolphins web site.  I will hopefully keep up with this site all season.  It should be interesting.  Something new... sports journalism.  

Chuckles - My boy Chuckles personal site.  This kid and I go way back so I hooked him up with some hosting.  Either that or its a fake site that I made up one night at 5 AM.

Church Of Nate - This is the cult I started many years ago.  It was one of the first web sites I ever made and its kinda funny.  Worth checking out if you are a fan of DBB.  

Crazy - Crazy is a comic in progress.  My friend Benny has created a fantastic comic book character.  This page is going to house the comic once it gets started, but until then here are samples of his work and sketches for the comic.

DBB Productions - The home to the Driven By Boredom productions company.  Movies, music and more.  One day this will be huge, or it will just be another dream crushed by life and incompetent people.  

Driven By Boredom - You are probably familiar with this page or you wouldn't be here.  My page for everything I can come up with.  See it, love it, share it with your friends.

Fun Fetish - A humor/adult site that I am going to dedicate to the hilarity of porn.  Hopefully it will all be user submitted but I can't promise anything yet.

Loop Monkey - Pictures of drunk people riding a bus.  Hosted by a creepy guy with a monkey.  Fun fun fun! (especially if you happen to go to Penn State)

Pedophiles Unite - A random image generator of sick porn, dead babies and pictures of little girls.  This page is not for the weak.

Plastic Wrap Pr0n - A site filled with tons of girls in plastic wrap.  Floorgasm and I cooked this up a while back and caused a revolution in food preparation. 

Propositional Logic - Andy "Foofinator" Lyon's page that I made for him.  He is one of the most brilliant people I know and his work needed a page.  Art, music and writing.  Really rad stuff.


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