Crazy Willy

This is my friend Crazy Willy. The call him Crazy cause hes skitzophrenic paranoid and a homless drunk. Personaly I think he rules and hes a great photo subject. Click to enlarge.

This is Andy recording Willy... Mp3s will come soon...
Willy fell on his face because hes outta control like that.
This is willy and his side kick Bobby.
Another pic of Willy and Bobby.
This is Willy drinking Rum and Coke outta a Ben and Jerrys Cup..
Willy rockin out old school cause hes a crazy fool... litterly.
Willy cackeling.  This is possibly the greatest noise ever made. 
This is Willy singing one of his beautiful songs... most likely Douche bag of Earl.
This is Willy kickin it Communist Gurrilla style...
I saw him for the first time in two years.
He borrowed my cell phone and was rocking a mohawk.