Here are pictures of me. I am teh Sex. Click to Enlarge.

Riding The Bus
Riding The Bus
Damn My Hair Looks Good
My Ex-girlfriend Abby
Abby And I Again
Anal Cunt Rule
Baby Got Back
My Ex-girlfrien Tifa
Damn I Am Brutal
Bud And Tacos
This Picture Was On The Front Page Of The Daily Collegian
Crowd Surfing On The Street
My Brother And I
A Drawing Of Me Tifa Did
Emily And I At Prom
Joseph Is On Fire
Me Wearing A DC Flag
Self Portrait
A Portrait By My Friend Belen
Jamie And Me
Me Jamie And Keith
Bored And Tired
Green Hair
Mohawk 2
Dressed Like A Prep
Shanna And I At My Jr. Prom
Rootbeer Bong
Yo, I Have Spandex Pants
Getting Green Highlights
Yes, It Does Suck Being This Good Looking
Rhitard And Tina
Ritard, Artfag And Me.
My Uncle Was Messing With My Fisheye
Again With The Fisheye
Artfag's Ex-boyfriend Told The Hooters Waitresses That It Was My Birthday
At Hooters (Rhitard Is The Girl W/The Brown Hair
A Photo I Took Of My Lip Ring
I Look So Queer With Blonde Hair - Never Again
Marrissa And I - Whatever Happened To Her?
I Am So Sexy It Hurts.
AV 4 Life.
Hair By Rola
Shirtless 2
Me And Rola
Fish Eye
Fish Eye
Fish Eye And Legs
Elvis Glasses
Gay Hair
Me And Jamie
Me And Jamie 2
Me By Aaron
Me And Jenny
Ridden By Keith
Emo As Fuck - I Swear I'm Not 12
Gay And Emo
Filming Flaming Baghead
Getting Ready To Play Flaming Bag Head
Getting Ready To Play Flaming Bag Head
Playing Flaming Bag Head
Winning Flaming Bag Head
Watching Keith Get Drunk With Andy
My Balls
Horribly Offensive Glasses
My Eye.