Subrurban Life

These are pictures of friends of mine who live in Alexandria, VA. AV as we call borders DC and is home to some of the most fucked up people I know. Some of these pictures were for a failed photo documentary on suburban drug culture. The rest are just shots of my friends. Click to enlarge.

This picture came out all weird. I like it for some reason.
Krazy Keithor with a BB gun and Joseph.
Chris at the smoke out smoking something legal... I swear...
Andy on Drix.  Drixbot for life. 
Dylan with a huge safety pin in his tounge.
Dylan walking on his hands.
The little girl is my boy Jason's daughter.
A bunch of my kids from back in the day.  Look how young Lurch looks.
Marshall. I don't know what he's doing but I think hes on DMT.
Odd picture of tiffa.  She does look kinda cute though...
Shanna looking metal as hell.  VA is for loverz.
I like this picture.  It just looks rad.  It had a the shutter open for 2 seconds.  
One of two shots I took of andy writing in his visual diary.  The other one came out better, but I can't find it.
I love this picture.  I have it framed in my room.  Cera and Marshall at the train tracks.
This is some 'unknown' people planting mar-a-ju-wanna seeds.
Marshall kicking back with a beer.
Kathrine must Obey!
Maggie is artsy in black and white.
Tiffa, Dylan, and some kid I don't know.
Scott in a hotel room.
Shanna fresh from battle with Will Battle Cole.
Will Battle Cole, the heart and soul of the Infertil.
Tiffa posing with a Steel Reserve.
Tait-Edge rockin out with Nathan's head fuckign up the shot.
Scott in a suitcase.
My friends and I in silly hats, what a stupid fucking picture!
Keith in a silly hat.  Oh BOY!  I want to die.
The most boring picture I have ever taken.  These photos suck.
Shanna and Keith in artsy black and white.
Jason in Ben and Jerry's.  Kill me now.
Maggie and Jenny.
Mookie smoking... um, not weed.
Benny with plastic.
Cady wearing my hoodie.
Maggie playing in the sand.
Gatorman wearing amazing glasses.
Anisa looking hot as allways.
Nate the hitchiker and Matt.
Maggie, New Years 2002.
Andy, Justin and Emily.