Slighlty Entertaining Crap

This is just weird or funny stuff that I am amused by and just happen to have my camera when I see it. Nothing spectacular yet, but ya never know what I will have here. Click to enlarge.

Keith and Andy Making Out when they were REALLY Drunk.
This is a lovely bruise I got from shotting myself at point blank with a bb gun.
This is my phat ride, or was, before it fell apart.
This is a large cow on top of a steak house in Boalsburg, PA.  Boalsburg is a shithole of a town, never go there.
Dan Johnson setting his chest on fire.  Intense.
This is a big pile of dirt I saw some where in MD.  I think its funny
This my door.  I turned the mitten into a middle finger...
My friend Emily gave me these ducks, and I love her for it.
No matter what I say, when he sees this he will be offended, but the truth is, midgets are funny.
If I had to go to church, I'd go to this one... This is just creepy.
This isn't really funny or amusing, but I like it...
This is my brother pretending he is Bruce Lee.  What the hell?
Hyman Way... he he he...
This is just cool.  Amazingly white trash.  I wish I lived there.
This Moth was straight out of Starship Troopers.  I chased it around my house for an hour before finaly capturing it.
I have actually met this guy.  What a the hell is he thinking... Cut the mullet.
This is a mullet hawk.  Its glory is stunning.  Look at that! A mullet mohawk!!
This is my boy Keithor in drag.  He crashed a girls slumber party like this.
My boys and I got kicked out of this kids house... Jokes on you, naked boy!
My friend Will took this picture on his bands tour.  Phat Wangs... hee hee hee! Wang!
Photographing dead animals isn't really my thing anymore, but I couldn't pass up a dead raccoon!
I took this on a highway and got yelled at for being a sick fuck by about 15 people.
Anyone who can tell me what the hell this is will win a prize.
A one cent money order I received from selling a Farside joke on ebay.
My senior page from my high school yearbook.  Mildly amusing.
This guy was intense.  He came back with a razorblade to try to get it off the ground.
I glued a quarter to the ground and watched the fun.  I had like 2 rolls of these... these are some of my favorites.  
Nice Pants. 
I think this girl was my girlfriend at the time.  I should have known right then it wasn't going to work out.
See, white people aren't the only morons.
This is my volvo reaching 100K miles.  It was historic for me, boring for you.
My friends and I went into Abercrombie and posed in front of this.
Kahn playing with a flaming hamburger bun.
Here he is catching it in his shirt.
Here he is trying to head butt it... crazy fucker...
And lastly here he is throwing the flaming bun at one of his friends.
This guy was playing with fire on chains at my friend Marshalls birthday.
Playing With Fire.
Playing With Fire.
Playing With Fire.
Playing With Fire.
Playing With Fire.
Playing With Fire.
This guy will suck dick for a warm meal.
This man was a total maniac, I love him.
For my 22nd birthay, no one got me anything...
...But they did vandalize my car.  400 pages glued to my Volvo.
Nothing says funny like a Bush.
I pierced my nuts with an ear ring at a party for $75, and I'd do it again.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Spider-Man care of Hector, Tim and I.
My yellow vomit.  Amazing.
Sarah's haloween costume.
Bunny Blackjack in the shower.
Bunny Blackjack!
Bunny Blackjack!
My dad looking insane.
This is the only picture of my dog on this website.
Rick looking fucked up.
I got sick and I grew a second uvula.
Dylan in a cheerleading outfit.
Despite what you may think, this is a man.
Andy cracked his front tooth in half. Untill he got it fixed he looked like a redneck and he had a horrible lisp.
Some folk will never lose a tooth, but then again some folk'll...  It's Andy the slack jawed yokel.