7/23/04 - Dead Email Igor
New video's coming very soon.  This site is dying.  I am sorry.  400 hits a day... that is down from 1200 a year ago.  It's all a cycle  I don't want to update cause no one comes, and no one comes cause I don't update.  Shit.  Maybe one day it will be back.  But for the faithful there will be some reasonably entertaining videos pretty soon as I have figured out how to make my camera work again.  In fact... here is this video of an untitled Gaskets song in the works.  David Lowery from Cracker is in the background playing guitar.  

Welcome To The 90's

7/15/04 - Yeah Email Igor
Wow, nearly a month without an update... and no complaints about it all.  I feel that means there are probably no people reading this.  Which I guess is fine.  I just don't have enough internet related things to say/post/show, or I just don't have the time/energy/anything to do it.  Pretty much the last month of my life has just been spent ripping my 800 or so CD's.  Not so exciting.  No Gaskets news, I have no job, and all I do is watch movies.  I'm not even getting any.  I have seen about 50 movies since the last update, and I am not exaggerating much.   I have been averaging 7-10 movies a week for the past 5 months.  Top 5 movies I have seen in the last month in no order:  Fahrenheit 9/11, Lawrence Of Arabia, Stranger Than Paradise, Two-Lane Black Top, Straw Dogs.  The worst movie I have ever seen I also watched recently.  It is called Drug Store Cowboy.  I is the worst portrait of drug addicts I have ever seen.  Complete fucking trash.  

Here is June.  Um yeah.  What else.  I have nothing to say at all.  Next update should have some photos from Coney Island.  I am also working on my Photography site, which will be done eventually.    I am working on an anti-Bush website with a number of people, but it may be a month before anyone sees that, if in fact it ever happens.  Hopefully soon something interesting will happen, and I will have something to report.  Until then, stay classy planet earth.