6/22/04 - Back From Prague Email Igor
So yeah, I was in the Czech Republic for a while.  Now I am back.  A few interesting things happen, but nothing you would probably care about.  I might have a few pictures posted eventually, but maybe not.  There's a few shots I took that I like.  That being said, I have some photos that I am extremely psyched about. I spent quite a lot of time recruiting people and shooting this work, so please enjoy it.  I have some pretty amazing 16"x20" prints that I did for sale.  They are $300 framed, but it would cost a ton to ship them that way, so if you are interested email me and we will talk.  Yeah. Please let me know what you think.  This work means a lot to me.

Richmond Alleys

6/4/04 - Best. Update. Ever. Email Igor
So today I am actually following through with a promise about this website.  Well almost.  I promised two or one big one, and I am giving you one big one, but it does not have the recent photos.  I felt they are too important to me to put in the middle of this huge update where they could get lost.  Anyway, let's start at the top.

Porn.  My website has been very lacking in it.  Today you will get the few remaining naked chick fan signs I have left.  If you have boobs, and want to send me more, please do so, and I will post them.  Today's boobs come from a Suicide Girl, a former Suicide Girl and a wannabe Suicide Girl (and two others).  For the record, I have had sex with all the girls pictured except the girl with the giant boobs.  I win.  Fuck you. See them all here

Secondly, we have more Dysfunctional Family Circus cartoons.  I stopped doing these years ago because I saw other people doing them and I wanted to do something more original.  However, these have become favorites of my page, so I added some more.  You can see the old ones here.

Also, I had a shit load of pictures of my friends drunk at parties, so like I figured I would upload them, being as my friends enjoy seeing themselves wasted.  These are also the people who I hear from every day telling me my page sucks now.  I mean I get emails about this too, but like I don't really give a fuck about what most of you have to say.  So yeah.  Here are some party pics.

Another thing people used to like about my page was the stupid lip-sync videos I did. That's how I started the page to begin with, and although I thought it would only be funny to me and my associates, it was actually funny to quite a few people.  If you don't know what I am talking about, click here.  Today I bring you the first new movie in 3 years.  I recorded this video the day before I cut all my hair off.  Now I look like this.

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City

Remember my ebay pranks?  It's what made my page slightly infamous.  Today I am selling a Yo! MTV Raps card.  Check that out at once.  You know you want to.  You know you want to bid.  You MUST!  People tell me to update this part of my page all the time and I finally did.  Get excited!

So yeah, also I wanted to plug Arrogancy's Flash Game, Beeku's Big Adventure.  It has been played over 200k times on Newgrounds.  It also features two Gaskets songs, including the demo to Earthquake. We were in the studio yesterday and laid out the tracks for it.  It now features a crucial guitar solo from Mark from Lamb Of God.  Yeah.

Enjoy this update you bastards, I worked hard on it.  Oh yeah, one more thing:  I am going to be in Prague until the 19th, so if you want to reach me email me at igor(at)thegaskets.com.  I will be checking that from Prague.  

PS. Here is May.