Lip Sync Videos!

Here is where you can find a disgustingly large amount of videos featuring yours truly lip syncing to old pop songs. I am probably the only person who finds these funny, but I am never wrong... so its funny damnit. Listed in chronological order, most recent ones first.  Keep in mind that they are almost all .exe's, meaning that you can't have a Mac.

Rating System:

* I embarrass myself    ** Not worth viewing   *** Average performance    

**** Defiantly worth the download   ***** Brilliant, absolutely brilliant

Quick Reference:

Baby Got Back Beat It Centerfold Cold Hearted Snake Cum On Feel the Noise
Dr. Feelgood Everybody Dance Now Every Rose Has Its Thorn Everything I Do Faith
Free Will Fresh Prince High Enough Ice Ice Baby I Love R & R
I'm Too Sexy Karma Chameleon Livin' On A Prayer Motown Philly Mr. Roboto
Psycho Killer Spin Me Right Round Sweet Child 'O Mine Tainted Love Take On Me
The Boys Are Back To Be With You Touch Myself Wake Me Up Before You Go We're Not Gonna Take It
I Want You To Want Me The Right Stuff Hungry Like The Wolf Just What I Needed We Built This City

Jefferson Starship - We Built This City: ***

Before this song was #1 on Blender's Top 50 Worst Songs, it was the theme song to the Gasket's 2003 Tour of the same name.  It is amazing.  I  don't know if this movie could capture the power that is this song, but I tried. This is the first new video in 3 years.

Cars - Just What I Needed: ***

This song is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend Abby.  I always think of her when I hear it and at one time she was just what I needed.  Yeah, I miss her, but I think its for the best despite the fact that I don't mind her commin' here, wastin' all my time, time.

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf: **

This movie kinda sucks because I don't know any of the words.  I just ate "Pirates Booty!" while main parts were happening then I chime in at the parts that have little back ground people singing.  

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me: ****

This was a request, and I must say it came out pretty well. I mean the song rules so you know, I had to do it eventually.  Note the free shirt I am wearing!  Those brothas hooked me up big time.

New Kids On The Block - The Right Stuff: ***

I got a NKOTB T-Shirt at a thrift store a while back so I knew I had sport it.  The only problem was that I don't know many of they lyrics, so I had to have one of the New Kids help me sing it.  I don't know which one, but I hope it was Marky  Marks brother.

Tainted Love - Soft Cell:   ****

 This is the 30th video I made and the first full length one.  I had to do the entire song because it is one of the few songs that I know perfectly... even the extended version. 

Karma Chameleon - Culture Club: ***

   Nothing too interesting with this one.  I was inspired by the recent Levis commercial featuring kids doing karaoke to this very song. Oh yeah, I play a little plastic harmonica.

Motown Philly - Boys II Men: ****

Personally I find this smashingly brilliant.  I don't know why, its just great.  I am so fucking insane... what is wrong with me?  You know how much of a pain it is going to be to review all these movies? Fuck.

I Love Rock And Roll - Joan Jett:  **

I just did this one because I have a I <3 R&R shirt I had to sport.  I clearly don't know the lyrics that well and the video is pretty boring, not to mention short. Its a throwaway.

Free Will - Rush:  *

This video is miserable.  Possibly the worst one of all of them.  This is because I don't know any of the lyrics and just did it because I wanted to sport the Rush T-shirt Keithor gave me for X-mas.  Thumbs Down.

Psycho Killer:  ***

I just wanted to do a song that I could sing while playing with my new BB Gun.  This same gun I wounded myself horribly with just days before.  I shot myself in the leg with it and my roommate said he was going to laugh his ass off when I shot myself in the head.

Faith - George Michaels:  ****

This one has nothing that special about it, however I dig the song greatly and my girlfriend (?) and I had just gotten in a fight so it was kinda relevant.  I think my mannerisms are just cool.

Cold Hearted Snake - Paula Abdul:  ****

This was the cause of the fight mentioned above.  My friend Keithor refused to right anymore rants for his column "Fist Full of Hate" on unless I got my friend Abby to do a music video with me.  During this song she flips out and just ran away yelling at me in the background of the song.  In retrospect it was funny, hell, it was funny at the time...

I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred:  *****

This could defiantly be my best video to date.  Frankly I am too sexy for this video.  When I take my shirt off it says "NY" and "Japan" on my chest if you can't read it.  Note the one handed unbuttoning of the shirt... impressed? Didn't think so.

Centerfold - J Giles Band:  ***

Despite what it looks like in the video, I know most of these lyrics.  Its not that good, but it has breif nudity so it gets bumped up to a ***. Playboy = ratings.

Baby Got Back - Sir Mixalot:  ***

This video clearly demonstrates the poor sync quality of this video capture program.  Rap songs look particularly bad.  I truly do know this song well... I swear... FYI I am wearing the same shirt today as I was in the video.  Crazy huh?  This was also the last song I did before I moved.

Take On Me - Aha:  ***

More proof that the sync doesen't work... Just look at my eyebrows... not even close. But my hair looks good and this is a rad song... so it gets 3 stars! 

Dr. Feelgood - Motley "Fucking" Crue:  ****

At first viewing you may not thing that this video deserves 4 stars.  But on closer examination, it could be worth 5.  First of all its Motley Crue, how can you go wrong.  Second I am wearing a Tour t-shirt from their 1990 Dr. Feelgood tour.  This is huge.  Thirdly my roommate Christian is just sitting in the background calmly ignoring me. And finally, I am rocking out with a huge air guitar solo at the end.  The only reason it doesn't get a 5 is because my hair looks lame under the SRH hat.

Fresh Prince Of Belair Theme - Will Smith: ***

Although Will Smith sucks now, he was truly rad back in the day.  I owe him this.  He has given me so many laughs.  Just look at my head nod and my nose grab as I smell the cab driver later.  Huge. Too bad the sound sync sucks...

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham!:  ****

This video rules because I am sporting a homemade "Bored..." wife beater.  Also I rock out hard core.  Just look at the soul!! I have soul damnit!! Lets not for get the George Michaels-esque crotch shot. Now THAT is sexy!

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice:  ****

This is great.  It features the "Bored..." wife beater.  It is the best song ever written.  The sound sync sucks, but I know this song better than I know the back of my... something that I know well.  I am so metal.  I am also getting sick of these reviews... only 14 more to go!

To Be With You - Mr. Big:  ***

This could be the most soulful song of them all.  I am sure many would agree.  Notice the Autobots hat, the 1982 Jr. Mr. Universe shirt, and the Pokemon band-aid. "Precious."  

Everybody Dance Now - C & C Music Factory:  ***

Check out my moves!  Phenomenal!  I am a dance sensation!  Check out my roommate tapping his foot in the back ground.  This video entertains me to the max.  Notice the reviews getting shorter? This is a trend I see happening all the way to "Spin Me Right Round".

Can You Take Me High Enough - Damn Yankees:  ****

In a toss up for most soulfully with "To Be With You", "High Enough" has to take the cake.  Look how sad I am!  I remember when this song came out, I loved it so, so much.  I have the Damn Yankees on tape! God they were metal!  

Mr. Roboto - Styx:  ****

This video is great.  It features my roommate on back ups.  We are so damn smooth.  We do this much better than the chumps in that car commercial from a while back.  This guy I worked with this summer was a HUGE Styx fan.  One day he got off work 30 min early to see them.  He just stopped working, took off his shirt and tie and ran out bearing his Styx shirt underneath.... 5 stars? Okay, the sound sucks... fine... 4 stars....

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister:  ***

One day in high school, before Napster, I really wanted to hear this song.  So my friends and I skipped our sports thing and drove to Tower.  I spent 17 dollars on a CD just for this song.  Since then I have played it out so much that I am completely sick of the song.  I should have done I Wanna Rock.  Oh well...

Everything I Do, I Do It For You - Bryant Adams:  ***

This one is decent I guess.  I am realy too tired to think about it at this point.  Next is Beat it, so I am just gonna save my energy for that one.  By the way, this was on the sound track to the first movie I ever bought.

Beat It- Michael Jackson:  *****

    This is probably the best video.  I start cracking up because my roommates are knife fighting.  They are held together with a bandana just like in the "Beat It" video. Crucial.  I am wearing this awsome jacket that my friend Jamie gave me.  Watch me moon walk! Check out my single glove!  The brilliance!  Just watch it for your self.  Oh. what's that? You don't want to?  Well then I got two words for you:  BEAT IT!

Touch Myself - Dvynals: ****

I am listening to Benefit right now.  He OWNS.  Anyway, this song is great.  I touch myself a lot and I am wearing a girls shirt.  I found this shirt in the street one night.  I wore it all night and got mad fun of by so many frat boys.  They kept calling me and my boy Zach (who I met that night) "fags" and such.  He kept offering to suck their dicks for money.  Ha!  I just kept asking them if they were looking for a good time!

Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi: ***

This song was greatly requested and till this day considered one of my funnier songs.  However the sound sucks, it starts in the middle, is kinda boring and is not worth 4 stars.   It was, however, what started the growing interest in my movies. (Note the Bon Jovi Shirt)

The Boys Are Back - Thin Lizzie:  ***    

This shirt is actually the Bon Jovi shirt from "Livin' On A Prayer" (I have him doing a cover of this on a metal cover album).  This song is definaly rockin', but I kinda screwed up because I only put one speaker near the Mic, so the sound came out weird during the chorus... you'll see what I mean.   Oh no.. its getting late... I am making typos!!

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison:  ****

The emotion in my eyes says it all.  Why I put up my hood? I don't know.  I actually was probably sad when I did this.  I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I used to sing this to her all the time.  Sniff...What is the Meaning of Life?  Every rose has its thorn.  Just like every night has its dawn.  Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad, song. Um.. every rose has its thorn?  What a rad song.

Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns And/Or Roses:  ***

How could a song get more metal than this? It couldn't.  My guitar solo is amazing, as is my "Suburbs" beanie.  I did this song Kareyoke sty-lee with my boy Tom back in 6th grade... I gotta find a tape of that.. Now THAT would be funny!

Cum On Feel The Noise - Quiet Riot:  ***

I think Quiet Riot frequents this little club near DC called Jaxx.  That place sucks, but this song rules.  Look how short my hair is, that was only November, its what, February now?  Man my hair grows fast...

Spin Me Right Round - Dead Or Alive:  **

This gets 2 stars even though it was the first thing I did.  It sucks and is really short. Frankly it doesn't deserve 3 stars, I was just experimenting with my new web cam.  Oh well.  Its sentimental or something.  By the way, the movie "Dead Alive" is rad to the fourth (rad^4).  Did you know my dictionary doesn't list "rad" as a word?  Odd huh?