5/31/04 - Fake Beards And You... Email Igor
For those of you who have been looking for more content and less crap from my site, today you are in luck.  My brother (with a bit of my help) created a fabulous film which I have decided to upload today.  It is about a world gone mad, a world where people have to wear fake beards at all times.  Certainly this seems stupid, but the movie is fantastic anyway.  It is also 48 megs, so it might take a long fucking time for it to download. 

Fake Beards & You: A Powerful Team

Also, I am working on a fantastic update that old school fans of my site will enjoy.  You see, I am going to Prague for about two weeks and won't be able to update.  So before I go I am going to try to get up two updates, or just one big one.  So check back soon, because there will be an update with some of my recent photos, and an update like my page has never seen before.  I hope it works out.  

Lastly, the Gaskets go into the studio with David Lowery tomorrow, so yeah, hope that works out too...

5/2704 - I'm Back... Email Igor

5/4/04 - NYC Girls Email Igor
So last weekend I went to NYC to see Stella.  The whole trip was pretty amazing.  Among other things I had a blast hanging out with Coney Island.  I need to get back to the city ASAP, but it's really expensive and my car broke so it's kinda hard to get there.  The point is, I need an excuse to get there.  So if any of you out there live in NYC and have any ideas for booking a Gaskets show there, let me know.  We need to get up there soon.  Anyway, when I was up there I hung out with this girl who I used to be sooo into.  Unfortunately, she got a boyfriend and moved to NYC, so I pretty much gave up on her.  I really figured I would never see her again... but I did.    So I had an amazing time with her (and the other people I was hanging out with) and I ended up kissing on her a bit...  It made me realize why I haven't had a girl friend in 3 years.  The thing is, I never hook up with girls I am actually into.  When I like a girl, I get all weird and can't talk to her.  It happens every time, but if I am not into a girl, I usually have no problem with getting with her.  I basically realized in the last three years, I have hooked up with plenty of girls, and I really haven't cared about any of them.  There are some exceptions, but there's only a few that I would have even considered dating.  This realization is pretty fucking depressing.  The truth is, of all the girls I have dated (all 5.5 of them) only one of them I really cared about when we started dating.  Because of this, I cheated on girls, and just didn't treat them well.  The one I did, cheated on me and treated me like shit.  It is really just a disaster.  I need a wife.  

Anyway, again, sorry about the lack of updates.  Soon I am going to have a bunch of new photos.  I've done a bunch of work I am really happy with.  Until then... here's April.