My name is Nate "Igor" Smith and my photography website no longer exists.  Someone stole my domain.  So I am just going to upload some photos here that I like. I am going to put up too much work here, some of it is not amazing.  One day I will get a real website and put up only stuff I love.  Until then, enjoy these. I put * by the galleries I am mostly proud of.  Thanks.

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Once I started a project on the roof... I then moved to NYC.*

This was my senior show, Richmond Alleys.*

I am sure you like looking at naked people...

Even awkward ones.*

These are the Gaskets.  They are a band...

So is River City High.

Do you like photos of people? I do.

What about portraits of them?

More Naked Girls? I am in year 7 of my Polaroid Project.*

Here are some photos I took at Coney Island.

This is food.  Food is good.*

Before I bought a 20mm lens I used to take band pictures.

I like sneaking up on people and posting bad photos of them on the internet.

Here are some random photos I couldn't fit anywhere else.

You can contact me here.

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