Alternative Porn Review

So you are sick of the blonde haired big titted bimbos you see in porn.  You want something more than hot lesbian dildo action.  Well, you've come to the right place.  These are sites where you will see chicks that rock, and just might kick your ass. Very few sites offered this just a few years ago, but the list is growing all the time.  Indie Nudes is a good recourse for more of these pages.  Personally, the girls I dig have tattoos, piercings and dyed hair, these sites can offer that.  Most of these sites are a little less obvious when exploiting women, and I think most of us can appreciate that.  Read the reviews, pick your favorite, and cough up a few bucks a month to get interesting porn, get what you actually want, instead of getting off to the free crap you find on the internet.  Listed in alphabetical order.


Site Name: Alterna- Chicks Price: $11.95/ 2 Months Sample Pictures: Here

Alterna-chicks is a small site run by one guy who seems to love taking pictures of hot girls.  Most of his models are very attractive, and are all interesting looking.  His photos are some of the highest quality and best images I've seen in amateur porn.  All the shots are classy and well done.  The thing about this site is that its not really an adult site.  Almost none of the photos are nude, and the ones that are are very soft.  Not that this is bad, its just I don't know if I would spend the money to see girls not naked.  Don't get me wrong, these photos are sexy, but its more of a tease then anything else.  


Site Name: Gothic Sluts Price: $19.95/ 1 Month Sample Pictures: Here

Goth chicks are sexy... to a point.  I can't take some of this stuff seriously, when the pictures feature fake blood and vampire teeth, I get a little turned off.  However, for the most parts, the photography is excellent and the girls are extremely attractive.  If you like goth girls, this is probably the best site for you.  It is well laid out and easy to view the galleries.  The site is female run and operated.  This site probably has more content than any of the other sites, and it's impossible to get to it all.  The page has some community aspect with message boards and a chat room.  It's the kind of page of witch you can feel proud to be a member.  My only problem is the word Sluts in the title, it seems degrading to women, but the sites owner seems to justify it and show how the word can be used in a positive way.  Oh yeah, the site also features video and stories, not just pictures.


Site Name: Nakkid Nerds Price: $15/ 30 Days Sample Pictures: Here

The thing about this site, is that these girls are actual nerds.  Not your trendy emo-rock nerds, but actual web developers and tech support types.  This, of course, is totally sexy, in theory, but not all of these girls are hot.  Some of them certainly are and there's enough porn here that you can spend a long time looking porn and not run out of hot chicks.  This site is also female run, and the girl who runs it actually poses on the site.  This site is a bit more more hardcore that I'm into, but I am absolutely most of you will dig on that. The site is well designed and easy to get to things and if you sign up now you can get a month member ship for just $10.  I say right on!  There's not many things sexier than a girl who can do my taxes. 


Site Name: Suicide Girls Price: $10/ 1 Month Sample Pictures: Here

Suicide Girls is the best adult site on the internet.  At least in my opinion.  It has tons of classy pictures, more models than I can count, and a community I can feel good about.  The only draw backs to SG is that there is no hard core on the site (witch is perfect for me) and some times the quality of the pictures is not up to par.  Lots of different people shoot for SG so some of the photos are great, works of art, but some of the pictures are lacking.  SG features message boards, movies, ways to meet other members, literature, and concert updates.  The galleries have a no hands feature so you can see a slide show and still use two hands to um... type...  The site is updated at least 5 times a week and there are always new pictures.  The site is run mainly by two people Spooky the web master, and Missy the girl who started it all.   This site is totally girl oriented and has a community focus.  It's truly a site I feel good about promoting.  


Site Name: Super Cult Price: $6.35/ 1 Month Sample Pictures: Here

At only $6.35 a month, Super Cult is the site to go with.  A few dozen hot girls all with a few galleries each.  The site doesn't have the content some of its competitors to, but all the photos are well done and the layout is as good as any adult site I've seen.  Some of the shots are just gratuitous vagina shots that seem to lack the artistic integrity of the rest of the page, but most of it is good none the less.  Most of it is classy, but there's some more hard core shots as well.  There's two versions of the site, a flash version for higher bandwidth users, and a dial up version.  They have tons of merchandise to buy and DVD's coming out soon.   Its a well done site, and worth the cheap price.  


Site Name: Raver Porn Price: 5.95 / 30 Days Sample Pictures: Here

Raver Porn has a few positives going for it.  This was the first alt porn site I saw years ago.  It is the cheapest of all the major alt porn sites.  And it has hard core porn of both guys and girls.  The only problem is... all the people are fucking ravers.  Back in the day, I used to think ravers were so hot, but after years of dealing with candy kids, I've mostly changed my mind.  However, I have to be subjective in this review.  There are some hot fucking girls on this site.  There is years worth of content.  And girls with tattoos and pink hair are still sexy, even wearing ugly jewelry and ridiculous pants. I hate the layout, but I love the girls.  Plus, this is the only site where you can see some dick, so if your down for that, you need to check this. The site has tons of cams and message boards.  This is defiantly the site you need if you are raver, or are into ravers.  Hell, even if you aren't in to ravers (ie me) you can still have a lot of fun on this site for cheap.