Hi!  My name is Randal P. Newman (although most of my friends call me Chuckles on account of my distinctive laugh) and this is my page.  I am a 24 year old bisexual male from a small suburb of Yazoo, Mississippi.  Being a gay male in the deep south is hard, but I manage. I had a hard time growing up... but these days, no one really messes with me, especially now that I have my first girl friend.  Truthfully I've only had one other significant other and that was my last boyfriend Sam.  I am still (thankfully) a virgin.  I plan on waiting till I am married to have sex (at least with a girl... he he).  Anyway this is my page and I hope to tell you all about me.  I party all the time and I have a ton of pictures from parties we have.  I really think you'll love the page, especially if you are a friend of mine!  And now on to the page!

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