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I have written a bunch of articles for  Most of them are extremely offensive and tasteless, just like Stile Project. I hope to be writing for Stile full time soon, but until then I have only written a few articles.  Here are links to the articles plus a back up on my server incase Stile Project ever goes down. 
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Stile Project FAQ This article is a joke Frequently Asked Question's about Stile and his Project.


Diary Of A Fetus This is the heartwarming story of a revolutionary fetus trying desperately to free his womb of imprisonment. Here
Fear And Loathing An insane look at a first drug experience. Madness, chaos and Hunter S. Thompson! Here
Goatse Man Obituary A dedication to the internet's most loved superhero. man! Here
Pranks For Punks A good resource for pranks and other mischievous things! Do not try at home. Here
Why I Hate Sex A sad history of why I hate sex.  My worst article so far, but all true and all embarrassing. Here
Having A Big Penis Sucks Finally there is someone to speak for the oppressed large dicked men out there.  Wanna be big? No you don't. Here
25 To Life A fictional story about how I killed someone.  Stile added a few paragraphs to the published version. Here
Acid Trip This is the story about the first and only time I ever did acid, and how I watched a house burn down. Here
Threesomes Who would possibly bitch about having a threesome? Or 3 of them! Me. Watch me whine about getting too much sex. Here